jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

Los Chicos de 250 by Kathleen Hearn

Los Chicos de 250 is a four part short docu-drama, formatted in the fragmented style of tele-novella story telling. It is the culmination of a residency at LASA and social practice project in San Agustin, Cuba that was developed with nearly 50 youth from the community as a means to tell their stories. The film interweaves stories drawn from the youth involved, who play themselves and re-enact moments from their lives. In the work we encounter the stories of Karla, Sahara, Melissa and Angel Luis along with their friends, confidants, co-conspirators and antagonists told within the context and frame of the San Agustin landscape. The stories range from confronting sexuality, loss of innocence, gender and the desire for agency as they struggle with conflicting values, independence and the adventures and turmoil experienced as they (the characters) search for their place in the world.

This project was made with the generous support of the San Agustin community, whom shared their homes and stories and the support and context of LASA. The project developed over a year; starting in the summer of 2014. The courage and incredible stories of the youth involved drove this project forward. The youth participated in workshops, discussion groups, acting classes and wrote journals. Many hurdles were involved and together we found solutions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of San Agustin whom shared their homes and their stories, LASA founders Cande and Aurelie for their generous support, the entire staff of LASA whom worked tirelessly to make this project happen with a special thank you to Alexis, Dayron, Ivette, Mario and Danay who’s commitment to this project made it possible, my crew and post-production team and the assistance given from Elegoa.

Kathleen Hearn