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Jay Koh, guest curator at LASA for 2017-2018

JayKoh (Singapore/Germany/Ireland) is an artist and a curator. He is the author of Art-Led Participative Processes (Helsinki, 2015), the founder and the director of the iFIMA – international Forum for InterMedia Art established in 1995. This Doctor of Fine Arts is working with the Master of Advanced Studies, Arts & Society programme of Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

We are very happy to start this new collaboration. Jay Koh will make a first visit to LASA for the PUBLIC SESIONS (August 2017), then with a group of artists at the end of the year-beginning of 2018. He will also participate to our book project, which will be presented during next Habana Biennial (fall 2018).

jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017



Laboratorio artistico de san agustín-LASA (Cuba) > Open call > SESIONES PUBLICAS (PUBLIC SESSIONS)

More than 70 artists from different parts of the world have worked in the Artistic Laboratory of San Agustín- LASA since it was created in 2008. The organisers have invited artists, architects, scientists, musicians, actors, theater directors among others to work in the specific context that is San Agustín neighborhood, located in Havana city’s outskirts. These artistic projects carried out outside cultural institutions have increased people’s awareness of contemporary art. At the same time, the projects have turned the territory into an open air workshop where artists and the public interact with each other. Local inhabitants take part in the process of creative activity and improve the research about the neighborhood’s identity in order to promote its cultural life.

After exploring the context of San Agustín neighborhood through a series of artistic projects related to senses, the organisers try to get into local inhabitants by means of a research based on psychology, specifically based on Abraham Maslow’s study; hence the name PUBLIC SESSIONS.

Artistic proposals can be diverse ranging from different to multiple specialties. The proposals should match LASA’s specifications: it’s not only talking to a community but integrating San Agustín context into the projects; for example, the economy, the educational system or the environment. LASA includes local inhabitants as part of the context and classifies them as participatory local public.
As a laboratory, LASA allows artists to try their ideas in San Agustín context and support them during the creative process. The artists will receive support from LASA to carry out their artistic proposals. LASA is a project financed by the private funds of its creators. It includes a group of plastic artists, carpenters, blacksmiths, artisans, designers, architects, economists, biologists, engineers, masons, computer specialists among others.
Each artist chosen by LASA team will have:
•Transfer in and out.
•Cultural Visa that will let him/her work in the public space and bring cameras and professional sound systems.
•Logistics during the process of creation:
Available workshops to carry out their artistic projects as long as our material conditions allow it.(Artists who need very specific materials should ask in advance to check we have them in our country).
Authorizations to work in the public space.
•Artistic assistant during the process of creation.
•Promotion of the artist’s work during the process of creation and when it is finished taking into account the project’s requirements (posters, short items, Internet, local press, etc).
•Translation service for his/her project and during his/her stay in San Agustín.
Deadline: 13 May 2017
Find all details in the attached document (EN/ES)