jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

Konferenz “Kollektive Stadt”

Club Real blog

As part of FOLKSTHEATER/TEATR LUDOWY we held a conference in Frankfurt(Oder) 6th to 8th October 2017, with international artist guests. THANK YOU EVERYONE especially our guests, who took the long and storm overshadowed journey to Frankfurt and Slubice and worked with us!

Zorka Wollny, Anais Heraud, Eva Hertsch and Adam Page from Hertsch and Page, Michael Kurzwelly, Philip Murawski, Joseph Jelemani, Gerald Harriger from “Die Fabrikanten”, Jenny Friede vom Quartiersmanagement FFO, Aurelie Sampeur and Candelario from LASA and Paz Ponce.

And Many Thanks to Cordelia Polinna for helping with organizing and holding workshops!

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